My old obsession: 50% – 65% cacao dark chocolate


My new obsession: Fleur de sel caramels


Divine combination of the two

Besides, it’s guilt free since it’s organic & fair trade.

Thank goodness I’ve signed up for a 50k race this spring. And now I’m headed to a hard-core yoga workout.

England in December

England! I’ve realized this is my fifth winter in the UK.  And as lovely as England is, I’d like to spend my next winter holiday somewhere a bit warmer!  There’s record breaking freezing temps here at the moment!

Still, I’m enchanted by the charming cottages, milk that’s delivered to your doorstep in glass bottles, tremendously tiny roads and beautifully packaged food.  No honestly, going through the supermarket even the store-brand items have gorgeous design. Mind you, this was at Waitrose, but even Tescos has some nicer packaging.  Why can’t things be beautiful, functional and inexpensive?  In addition to looking good, I am so impressed with how many fair trade foods are available (a good portion of the chocolate, bananas, coffee) in the UK. It’s also easier to get ethical products – milk and meat from pastured “happy” animals and sustainably fished salmon. Plus, in Britain you don’t find corn products hiding in all of the food.  Grr… the industrial food system in the US is shameful!

Meanwhile, Dan’s friend Sameer got married… on the London Eye!  What a fantastic venue… but as only 20 people can fit in a pod I wasn’t able to be there 😦

The 11th we enjoyed a delicious brunch with Granny & co. to celebrate her 96th birthday! She’s doing wonderfully and even had enough strength to arm wrestle D!

Sunday we went to Oxford. Wandering around the back alleyways it was amazing to think that 5 years ago we’d been there searching for an engagement ring!  Later in the evening we saw blind, autistic, musical savant Derek Paravicini in concert.

He’s extraordinary! We first found out about Derek a few months earlier while watching TV during our hike of the Contintial Divide Trail. It’s amazing how things come full circle.