I had a wonderful birthday and life at 26 has been sweet so far. Sadly I didn’t get a little lamb but I did fall in love with this one in Exmoor. And they had these yellow flowers that smell like coconut everywhere. Yum!

These yummy flowers smell like coconuts

anna had a little lamb...

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Lamb – 2007 BBC Countryfile competition winner. Originally uploaded by Richard Peters

I feel I must share my joy with you that: a) I have experienced a pleasant Spring day in England where sunbeams warm my back, and b) I got to watch the most adorable little lambs play and jump the other day. I could have watched them for hours. I want a pet lamb! My mother-in-law had one when she was a little girl and would take it to the shops on a lead. That is, until it took a wee on the floor of the hair salon. Opps! But really, lambs are so dang cute! Sheep, on the other hand, are so… round and inmobile and uncute. What happens, I ask you? But for now I will focus on leaping lambs and be content knowing that Spring has finally sprung.

Top 10 things I love about England

10. Gorgeous gardens – at least all the rain makes the flowers and plants happy!

9. Lambs – I really love it when they jump up in the air

8. Great public transport – trains, the underground, double-decker buses… no need for a car here

7. All the charity shops (a.k.a. thrift stores). They are everywhere and you can find some steller buys.

6. Public footpaths – a enormous network of paths that may go throw private land but are open to the public – a hiker’s heaven!

5. Cider on tap! Yay Strongbow!

4. Charming old houses… perhaps stone or with a thatched roof, but all loaded with character

3. All the fair trade products – almost every supermarket sells lots of fair trade products

2. Ryan Air, Easy Jet, etc. Fly practically anywhere in Europe & a few other great destination as well for as little as £0.01 – yes please!

1. Friends and family (Especially all the PIZZOS!!)