The Dish on the DTS

  • Sadly our teammate from India has had to drop out of the DTS due to complicated visa issues. We miss him loads but thankfully he’s joining us for Spring Harvest.
  • A leader who was supposed to be with us is still awaiting a visa appeal. She’s marrying another one of our leaders in June and they’re hoping to start a YWAM base in Leeds, so we’re really praying she’s able to get her visa ASAP.
  • Our last speaker was a British pastor called David Painting. He had a fabulous way of putting flesh and bones onto stories from the Bible. Listen to him yourself here.
  • YWAM York is still trying to raise ƒ100,000 so we can buy a hall for the DTS. Please keep praying (or giving!) so this dream can become a reality.
  • We still don’t have internet. I won’t go into the fiasco here, but please  BOYCOTT TISCALI!

Skip to my McDonald’s my darling

Still no internet at Chalk House* my dear readers. I know you’re wasting away, eagerly awaiting more updates, but patience is a virtue. And today your patience is being rewarded!

On Thursday we ran an assembly for 4-7 year-old kids at a local school. We acted out the Creation story: Dan was a marvellous monkey and I was a fantastic fish. Afterwards we asked the kids if they remembered any of the things God had created and one cutie responded, “dragons!” Classic.

We also volunteered at a happening centre for those over 60. As soon as I walked in, a man grumbled to me, “This centre is for over 60s!” Apparently I don’t quite pass for 60 yet. We met two harmonica players, which Dan was excited about since he’s currently
learning how to play. He’s already mastered “Jingle Bells” and “Skip to My Lou.” We’ll have to post an mp3.

Saturday night we hit up McDonald’s, where our housemate works the night shift. Let me tell you, in the UK they have Cadbury crème egg McFlurries and the McDonald’s are posh!

And a sermon by our pastor, Greg, is in the Washington Times. Check it!

*Our house is called “Chalk Squat” because chalk is the opposite of cheese. And we’re not cheesy. If you don’t understand, just ask Dan.


We still don’t have internet. Yesterday we wandered throughout York with the laptop open looking for a free wireless signal. We ended up in this gorgeous bar, the Biltmore, but it had a super weak signal so we ended up switching seats 5 times in search of a stronger single. But, I’ve been surprised to discover, life goes even when you’re not on-line.

We had a incredible speaker, Ina, from Namibia last week who talked about entering the mysterious, life-giving dance of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. She quoted Brennan Manning who said, “Prayer is letting God love you.” Her perspective was fresh and exciting.

Go Dan, Go!Friday night Dan & I helped run the Fuse Cafe, a safe, hip space for teens to hang, and then Saturday we hit up a skate park and a ceilidh.

And Sunday I was interviewed by the BBC about Transcendence, this cool multi-sensory service that’s held once a month in the crypt of York Minister in partnership with this church, Visions. This week’s reading was about when Jesus put mud on the eyes of a blind man and told him to wash in a pool and he was

Droppin’ in!

healed. As part of the service we walked from the crypt to the Chapter house and then had an opportunity to write down areas of “blindness” in our own lives on transparency paper and then wash it a “pool” that had been set up. It was really cool and who knows, maybe I’ll end up on BBC radio!

World Wide Web Woes

It’s a hard knock life without internet at our house. Thankfully we will have it soon but for now our “internet cafe” is the local pub. It’s not so bad on a weekday afternoon when the pub’s fairly empty. Then you only have a handful of people pointing and laughing at you as you type away. (No, seriously, the locals DO point and laugh). But right now I’m surrounded by 100 rowdy lads enjoy rugby. And I’m sitting all on my lonesome typing at my laptop… feeling like an absolute loser. Not to mention the facts that a) the urgent files I needed to use the internet for aren’t ready yet and b) I stupidly only brought 60p with me and the cheapest drink here – lime soda – costs a pound. Hmm…thankfully the waitress gave it to me anyhow. So now I am just drinking away my blues.