The News from ‘Nam

Today it’s rainy but from the computer I have the most amazing view of these bright red vines – it’s getting me in the mood for Christmas!


And at least the rain is good for our garden! Dan’s dad, Pietro, is an avid gardener and so together we’ve been doing quite a lot of work in the garden. I’ve planted beans, tons of different types of lettuce, chilies, baby aubergines and more. It’s so great eating things you’ve grown in your own garden!

Meanwhile, Dan & I have both decided to just do freelance type work and odd jobs (I’m going to try to sell desserts and do graphic design for my old job & he’s going to sketch portraits) until our YWAM course starts. And we’ve had plenty of work so far – we just finished cooking 20 dinners for 4 for a friend of the family and right now Dan is helping lay down a patio for SoundAbout. It’s really a huge blessing to have this free time to explore some of our gifts and passions that often get pushed aside due to a crazy pace of life.

Also, we’d really appreciate your prayers as we still need 3 more people to sign up for the YWAM course in Brighton in order for it to run. Thankfully there are similar YWAM course we could do in England if the one in Brighton is cancelled but it’s hard to not know what’s going to happen! Thanks for your prayers!

A Tour of Haddenham


Today you’re in for a treat – a virtual tour of Haddenham, the village where we’re currently living. First off, pronunciation. Basically, just forget the whole middle bit – and say it: “Had – Nam.”  In fact, we like to just call in ‘Nam for short.

Haddenham is in Buckinghamshire, about an hour east of Oxford. It has over 5,000 residents, many of whom claim Haddenham is  the largest village in England. (But it not.) It is old. And beautiful. The Anglican church, St. Mary’s, was built in the 11th century!

Haddenham is known for its “witchert” houses and walls. Witchert is basically a fancy name for old mud – but they do make it pretty!  There’s a lot of darling cottages with thatched roofs in the village.

A house with witchert walls

Haddenham has a butchers, a bakers and… well, to be honest there’s no candlestick makers… but there is St. Tiggywinkles – a wildlife hospital! There are also 4 churches, 5 pubs (hmm…), a fantastic Indian restaurant and a train station that gets you to London in under an hour.


And, this year Haddenham was awarded “Best Kept Village” again. Wow! And for the next few months, Haddenham is home!

Hi-ya from England!

So we have arrived safe & sound in England, albeit a day late. Our first flight was cancelled. Well actually it was delayed, then cancelled, then not cancelled and then cancelled again. Yeah, it was a bit ridiculous.

But now we’re here and getting all settled into the darling house in Haddenham. Despite being unemployed we’ve been busy catching up with friends and family and getting phones & bank accounts & such. We’re also looking for jobs…. if you know of any needed graphic design or editing work let us know.  And we’re exploring some possible part-time work… perhaps at an organic cafe or a snazzy kitchen shop or as a cleaner. In fact, Dan already has two weeks lined up working for SoundAbout, a cool charity for disabled children his mum works for.