Ice cream & Eschatology

Fear not faithful readers, we are still alive. We’re just in a Butlin’s Bubble. But yesterday we managed to escape and go for a walk in Exmoor National Park. It was so beautiful and little lambs were everywhere! I’m still hoping to get a lamb for my birthday tomorrow. Meanwhile we’ve been busy trying to manage 400+ 8-11 year olds, going to eschatology discussions, enjoying the unlimited soft-serve ice cream and going on carnival rides here at Spring Harvest. And on the 15th we celebrate our second anniversary and head out backpacking in the Yorkshire dales. Got to run, but I thought I’d leave you with this joke from one of the kids.

What do you find inside a clean nose?

Finger prints!

Skip to my McDonald’s my darling

Still no internet at Chalk House* my dear readers. I know you’re wasting away, eagerly awaiting more updates, but patience is a virtue. And today your patience is being rewarded!

On Thursday we ran an assembly for 4-7 year-old kids at a local school. We acted out the Creation story: Dan was a marvellous monkey and I was a fantastic fish. Afterwards we asked the kids if they remembered any of the things God had created and one cutie responded, “dragons!” Classic.

We also volunteered at a happening centre for those over 60. As soon as I walked in, a man grumbled to me, “This centre is for over 60s!” Apparently I don’t quite pass for 60 yet. We met two harmonica players, which Dan was excited about since he’s currently
learning how to play. He’s already mastered “Jingle Bells” and “Skip to My Lou.” We’ll have to post an mp3.

Saturday night we hit up McDonald’s, where our housemate works the night shift. Let me tell you, in the UK they have Cadbury crème egg McFlurries and the McDonald’s are posh!

And a sermon by our pastor, Greg, is in the Washington Times. Check it!

*Our house is called “Chalk Squat” because chalk is the opposite of cheese. And we’re not cheesy. If you don’t understand, just ask Dan.