Trash Collector

NY Times featured an article about a trash collector who did just that – collected trash. It’s amazing what people throw away. Mr. Nelson Molina has worked for NYC Sanitation Department for 20 years and has found some pretty amazing items. Check it out here.

Dumpster Dove Museum

Conflict Kitchen

Conflict Kitchen Iran Pittsburg

Located in downtown Pittsburg, “Conflict Kitchen is a take-out restaurant that only serves cuisine from countries with which the United States is in conflict.”  Conflict Kitchen is an intriging way to introduce people to a country beyond brief news clips of war and terror. They also host dinner parties via Skype where Pittsburgians eat with young professionals from “conflict countries” like Iran, Iraq or Venezuela. The packaging of the food features interviews of people from conflict-countries, giving diners a first-person narritive of life in those locals.

“Conflict Kitchen reformats the preexisting social relations of food and economic exchange to engage the general public in discussions about countries, cultures, and people that they might know little about outside of the polarizing rhetoric of U.S. politics and the narrow lens of media headlines.”

And from the the looks of it, the food’s pretty tasty too!

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bearskin rug

Saw this today on NPR about designer Brock Davis. Love it.

by Brock Davis

I can’t say it’s the first gummy bear art I’ve seen, though. A few years back, I remember Dan carefully bitting and then assembling 3 gummy bears (one green, one white, one red) to create a Italian gummy bear. We actually had it on the dashboard of our car for a while. Ha ha.

And for all you hip barista babes:

coffee cup jacket literal

by Brock Davis

A jacket for your java… Happy Friday!

Gila Hot Springs

10/18 – For a fantastic finish to our Nero Day, we went for a dip in the Gila Hot Springs and then to dinner.  At the hot springs there was some beautiful sculptures made from driftwood and found objects. It was an enchanting place.  And, our tour guide Esther had invivted us over to her and her husband’s trailer for a home-cooked meal.  It was the first home-cooked food we’d had since Yellowstone. Ester whipped up a scrupmtious vegetarian meal of lentils, veggies, wild rice, fresh salad from the garden, deviled eggs and more. It was great chatting with them about straw bail homes, York, wolves, and art. In addition to leading tours of the Cliff Dwellings, Esther paints beautiful oil portraits.  After one more dip in the steaming hot springs by the light of the moon, it was time for bed.

Art State-Side

Since our arrival back in the States I have continued doing some commissioned artwork…

Since my last post I have got a large flow of commissions, and even some comments from artists world wide commending my work. As a result I have decided to do a few more commissions at my current prices and then raise the prices…. so if you are keen to get in on the cheaper pieces of art, please get in touch with me soon!