The Great Divide Basin

8/17 – 8/19  – The Great Divide Basin in highs & lows:


  • Seeing tons of wild pronghorn antelope & wild horses
  •  Sunsets with every colour of the rainbow (except maybe green)
  • Meeting Tom (red jeep guy) again! More beer!
  • Listening to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on my ipod


  • Never-ending roads
  • Never-changing scenery
  • Blisters
  • Nasty water that tasted like dirt
  • Heat with no shade

But the good news is, we made it!   It wasn’t actually that bad, but I think I’d had enough after 2 days. Dan had had enough after 2 minutes. On 8/20 we walked right into Rawlings, Wyoming, home of:  an all-you-can-eat Thai buffet, the Mennonite Discount Grocery & Bakery; and the restaunt with the best bacon avacado sandwich ever…. in 2004, unfortunately it had now changed ownership. Still, it was a good ner-o.

The Beautiful Beaverheads

7/16 – 7/20  We journeyed through the Beaverhead Mountains which were a delightful alpine surprise. Unfortunately our time up high among the rock and ice was limited and some of the trail took us to viewless woodland where we were voraciously attacked by bloodthirsty mosquitos.  Thankfully Deet saved the day!

 We also saw 5 bears!  One afternoon we spied a cinnamon Black Bear and her 2 cubs swimming in a river we were crossing a few hundred yards down. We starled them and they scampered across the meadow but we got a good look at them (and some in our group got photos!)  Another time Candyman (Dan) & Hawkeye heard a strange scratching noise and then saw it was coming from a tiny black bear cub as it scampered high up a pine tree.  We immediately looked for mama bear, who thankfully was further away, but quite worried about her baby. She kept standing up on two legs to look for him until we backed away and baby scampered back to mama.  These sightings were spectacular because we were far away enough to be safe but close enough to get a good look and most importantly, we never came between mama & baby – which can be a dangerous situation!


Who else buys their food for the next 5 months ahead of time?

Sometimes I think we are totally nuts!

Anna and I are almost done packaging food that we will mail to 12 different locations just off the Continental Divide Trail for our thru hike attempt this summer.  Every week or so we will cross a road/hike on a side trail to a road to then hitch to a nearby town to resupply. That includes picking up these tasty packages, taking a shower and putting our feet up for a little break before heading back to the Rocky Mountains.  It’s quite surreal to seal a box of food and imagine opening it up 5 months later, somewhere in New Mexico.

So what does each box contain?

Lots of high calorie, freeze dried, dehydrated goodies including: carbs, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, lots of granola/protein bars, candy bars, sweets, and sometimes an item or two of gear, etc.

Can you send us treats to add to the mix?

ABSOLUTELY!! We will soon post the addresses of post offices we will swing by and we will welcome a postcard (preferably one made of chocolate or sweets) anywhere along the way!

CDT Dreamin’

Its time to start reading gear reviews, ordering planning guides, dusting off the dehydrator to experiment with new menu options, and step up the training.  In June we plan to fly out to the Canada end of the Continental Divide Trail and  start walking to Mexico.  Crazy? Maybe… but when this guy finished the 3000+ mile hike, he turned around and went all the way back.  Now that’s what I call crazy! Excellent short video – Francis Tapon definitely has good juju!