Insanity Defined

Dan the insane ultra runner

Dan completed all 101 miles of his run and he finished 8th out of 540 people!! Crazy! Crazier still, the average age of the runners and walkers was probably around 55! Dan can provide you with the juicy details, but he considers that 25.5 hrs of running one of the best days of his life. Dee & Pietro, Matt & Pete, and Elizabeth & I all crewed him during the day & then our amazing housemates crewed him throughout the night. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we travelled in style in D&P’s new camper van, Rondine. After the race we all had a delicious BBQ together. Personally, I really needed to eat a nice meal and relax after such a strenuous day of riding in the camper. And I think Dan may have been a bit worn out as well for some reason…