The News from ‘Nam

Today it’s rainy but from the computer I have the most amazing view of these bright red vines – it’s getting me in the mood for Christmas!


And at least the rain is good for our garden! Dan’s dad, Pietro, is an avid gardener and so together we’ve been doing quite a lot of work in the garden. I’ve planted beans, tons of different types of lettuce, chilies, baby aubergines and more. It’s so great eating things you’ve grown in your own garden!

Meanwhile, Dan & I have both decided to just do freelance type work and odd jobs (I’m going to try to sell desserts and do graphic design for my old job & he’s going to sketch portraits) until our YWAM course starts. And we’ve had plenty of work so far – we just finished cooking 20 dinners for 4 for a friend of the family and right now Dan is helping lay down a patio for SoundAbout. It’s really a huge blessing to have this free time to explore some of our gifts and passions that often get pushed aside due to a crazy pace of life.

Also, we’d really appreciate your prayers as we still need 3 more people to sign up for the YWAM course in Brighton in order for it to run. Thankfully there are similar YWAM course we could do in England if the one in Brighton is cancelled but it’s hard to not know what’s going to happen! Thanks for your prayers!

Good-bye Cubicle!


I have to say, working for an international ministry that serves prisoners, ex-prisoners & their families for the past 3 years has been great. I’ve gotten to travel around the world, brainstorm blue sky ideas (and put quite a few into action), write, edit, do graphic design, re-vamp a website, become an HIV/AIDS expert and more. But I must say, I’m not cut out for a 9-5 office job! I think I’m getting carpal tunnel syndrome. I’m easily distracted by the world wide web. I have my heater set on 80 when everyone’s complaining about a heatwave.  So, that’s why, as much as I’ll miss my job & colleagues, I’m very excited to say good-bye to my cubicle (& job) today!  I’m really looking forward to working outside the realm of my pasty gray cube and exploring my talents in the freelance realm, doing YWAM training and getting my hands dirty in the field!