Sicily by Numbers


1 – number of Gucchi-clad motorcyclists who hit our 9 passenger van while in Sicily

70 – number of gallons of olive oil Dan’s Sicilan family owns

40 – number of gallons of olive oil the 4-person family consumes in a single year

7 – number of times a day we are offered an espresso

60 – percentage of Sicilian teenage boys who have a big CZ stud earing

5 – number of times we got lost driving to the airport

102 – number of bottles of homemade VINO in Dan’s zia & zio’s house

8 – number of cars or vespas that drove down the walkways in la piazza magione

4 – number of times a day a someone complains about being hot while wearing a jean jacket in 80+ degree weather

38 – number of cigarettes that the average Sicilian smokes each day

40 – percentage of houses that aren’t yet finished

60 – house number where Dan’s nonna & nonno lived