MAY 3RD: In the first day of pledging we have reached 300$! But better than that: Claire has decided to run with me and help raise support! She and I have been running together for almost 2 years and did our first ultra together, having her run with me will be AWESOME!!


MAY 2ND: I am leading a trip in Sicily from 7-24 May, so the real training will start after that! That only gives me 2 weeks of hardcore prep which will include a few 50k runs to get my body used to being on the go for many hours. The training right now is shorter and faster runs (8-15miles), cycling (15-30miles). About 1-2 hours of exercise about twice a day. That will be cut down to hardly anything in Sicily. The biggest challenge is not going to be one of speed, but one of mental and physical endurance. Upping the running for periods of 7 + hours in the 2 weeks before will be crucial. The actual race will have me goiing for 15+ hours!