Ti fidi di me?

As you may already know, we might have to return to the States by the end of July so Dan won’t loose his green card. We’re still awaiting the permit that would allow us to stay in the UK longer, but it seems it may take a miracle for us to get it in time since it’s currently taking twice as long for these permits to be processed.

So we’re praying and asking you to pray too. And a big thanks to all of you who are interceding for us.

It can be so stressful and overwhelming to think you have your plans all sorted, your ducks all in a row and then have the rug (potentially) pulled from under your feet. It’s almost worse facing the possibility of everything being turned upside down than having it actually happen. When we found out we might not be able to finish our DTS, I felt utterly paralyzed. If we had to come back to the states early where would we live? What would we do? We’d been thinking of staying in England to do temp work after the DTS and then doing a longer backpacking trip in the Spring (perhaps through hiking Pacific Crest Trail). Now all of these plans seemed mute.

But I got a fresh perspective from Dan, who reminded me of all the times circumstances beyond our control had thwarted our plans, only to end up with something better. Three years ago, I was upset when I didn’t get the job with Outdoor Ed, but if I had Dan (who got the job!) wouldn’t have ever come to the States. I worried when the house we were living in went on the market early, but it ended up selling right as we were moving to England. We were both anxious when the DTS in Brighton was delayed and then cancelled, but it turned out for the best, as we enjoyed some lovely months with D&P and then found the York DTS. So, I suppose this is just yet another opportunity to put my trust in Big G remember He’s got our best interest in mind.


I am so glad I am a human being and not a human doing. And right now, when I have no job, no leadership roles, no activities and no huge “to do” list, it is much easier to just be.  It’s amazing how easy it is to be busy. To rush around, get stressed, feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.  I am really good at doing this. Sometimes it seems the busier you are the more important you are, the more prestigious you are. But how absolutely comforting it is to realize I’m not god. I am not the saviour of the universe. I am a human being and I can rest guilt-free! Of course, this is easy to say when I have so much free time. But I think rest is more of an attitude than a state of circumstances (although I’m dearly thankful for my current sabbatical!). An attitude that knows that ultimately, I’m not the one who’s going to make the earth rotate or the sun rise. That Someone profoundly powerful and loving is in control and it’s not all up to me. And what’s more, He doesn’t love or value me for what I can do for Him. He treasures me because I am His. Be still and know that I am God, Psalm 46:10.