Day one!

Dan, Jack, Mike, Lost, Yas, Anna, Nina, Tim, Rolling Thunder & Joker

June 14th – We set off from the Canadian border around noon. There was a massive group of us – our group of 10 plus two more thru-hikers – Rolling Thunder and Mike.  It was the perfect way to start – brilliant sunny weather, 10 miles of easy trail through meadows of yellow glacier lilies and quaking aspen with glacier-covered rock monoliths towering in the distance.  We followed the Belly River, taking a little side trail to Dawn Mist waterfall and then following the trail upward above the falls, arriving at Lake Elizabeth by 4pm. It began to drizzle a bit after dinner but by the evening the clouds had cleared and the lake became a mirror reflecting the mountains above.  We couldn’t have asked for a better start!

CDT Dreamin’

Its time to start reading gear reviews, ordering planning guides, dusting off the dehydrator to experiment with new menu options, and step up the training.  In June we plan to fly out to the Canada end of the Continental Divide Trail and  start walking to Mexico.  Crazy? Maybe… but when this guy finished the 3000+ mile hike, he turned around and went all the way back.  Now that’s what I call crazy! Excellent short video – Francis Tapon definitely has good juju!