August 14th – We celebrated 2 months on the trail, having traveled about 1160 miles!  We were also very thankful that travelling Trail Angel extraordinaire Naomi was picking us up when a Wyoming State Trooper stopped to “chat” with us as we waited by the highway.  Hitchhiking is illegal in Wyoming and we’d heard a few stories about thru-hikers getting in trouble.  But sure enough, right at 11am, Naomi pulled up in her PT cruiser (rental car) and we reunited with the rest of the group there too, and headed off to our next town,  Lander.

Lander is where NOELS (National Outdoor Education Leadership School) is headquartered and had a more progressive/hip vibe to it than most of the previous towns we’d been to. We ate a scrumptous dinner outside at the Gannet Grill, where we met up with Wing It & Don’t Panic and Lost and Found.   On the 15th we enjoyed ANOTHER zero day (love um!) and this day shall forever be remembered as the infamous Boston Cream Cake Challenge Day. Hopefully I can get the whole slew of photos/videos from RT, but let me just say it started with 3 enormous Boston Cream Cakes and 3 happy cake-loving contenders (RT, Joker & Heaps) and ended with some remaining globs of cake, a huge pile of chocolate frosting and 3 miserable comatose cake-hating hikers.