Brit Love

A few of the things that abound in the UK:kr8o4zfu.jpg

1) Neon colours
Workers, bikers, coppers and walkers unite with florescent green or orange reflective vests. So stylin’

2) Change
No, not doing things differently, money in coins. They have a ƒ.1 coin, a .ƒ02 coin, a .ƒ05, ƒ.10, ƒ.20, ƒ.50, ƒ1 and ƒ2 coin! The smallest bill you can get in pounds is 5 – that’s $10 USD! My pockets jingle like never before!

3)Health and Safety
WOW! You need a 10 minute talk about health and safety before you’re even allowed to make a cup of tea in the UK! They are heath and safetey kings (or should I say queens?). At least here I’m safe as ‘ouses.

Smile! You’re on CCTV camera! There are CCTV’s everywhere! I know it’s supposed to make us feel safer but it’s a bit creepy. Got to love this by Banksy.Banksy