A tantalizing time in the Tetons

Our backpacking adventure was awesome. Here are a few highlights:

  • Reading Operating Instructions by Anne Lamott in the sunshine at Holly Lake
  • Hiking up glacial moraines through Paintbrush Divide
  • Eating Nutella with EVERYTHING
  • Catching Love in the meadow in South Fork
  • Seeing the Tetons at almost eye-level at Hurricane Pass
  • Watching a moose munch on pond juice
  • Snuggling in our double sleeping bag
  • The view from 11,000+ feet up on Static Peak
  • Cliff-jumping into Phelps Lake
  • Hitchhiking a ride to the airport
  • Seeing all the crazy and colourful hotspots at Yellowstone. Bacteria sure can be beautiful!
  • Having a hot shower for only $3.25 after a brief 9 day hiatus from hygiene
  • Watching the sunrise over the Tetons as we ate oatmeal and drank chai
  • Plus we saw a bear!  Here’s a photo:


    Mind you I was also hunched over like a old lady by the end of the second day and was pretty sure I would need a hip replacement by the end of the fourth day, but that’s a small price to pay for all the fun we had.