Yes, I’m aware we’re now in the month of December… but I’m behind on blogging.

STEP ONE – camp out in condo while painting every centimeter of wall, molding and ceiling. Goodbye roaring lion greeting me as I step out of the shower.  Goodbye ghoulish green + vampire burgundy dining room combo. I don’t like Twilight that much. (Ok, actually I’ve never seen it, but still…)

STEP TWO – land a job teaching special ed preschool in less than 2 weeks.  Adorable kids + great colleagues + summers off = horrid pay I can cope with.

STEP THREE – score free stuff on Craig’s List to piece together furniture.

Please keep in mind I'm a neat freak!


STEP FOUR – Move in stuff that’s been in storage for 3 years. Live out of boxes, enduring chaos where keys, wallet and sanity are lost (but then found again).  Stinkbugs everywhere. Eww!


STEP FIVE – become the owners of this little fellow named Buddy.

STEP SIX – Enjoy a posh evening away here in the countryside with friends.

Happy B-day P!


Before we moved to England we had to sort through all our stuff.

Thankfully we didn’t have any furniture since the house we rented was fully furnished. But goodness, we had plenty of stuff. We donated some, loaned some of it to friends (like my beloved plants and our awesome ice cream maker), gave some away, sold some and then began the process of deciding what belongings we would pack into our 4 suitcases and take with us to England.

When you’re packing for what you’ll need for over a year (and factoring in that everything costs twice as much in the place you’re moving to) it ain’t so easy to do.

I can get into a desperate “get rid of it all!” mode, making monthly donations to Goodwill and craving every chance I get to delete an e-mail. I get more satisfaction from deleting an e-mail than receiving one. I’m in “spring cleaning” mode year-round.

But at the same time, it’s amazing how much stuff I’m not willing to part with. Sure, I’ve never read these books, but I do plan on reading eventually… And that necklace I made when I was in 4th grade has so much sentimental value! And just imagine the wardrobe I’d have now if my mom had never gotten rid of her clothes from the 6os and 70s, so maybe I should keep that skirt that is currently hideously out of fashion.

Can’t I just move into a mud hut? But also keep that pair of vintage Nine West peep-toed shoes I got at a thrift store?