July 29th marked the beginning of a streak of unreal trail magic by Lost’s mom Laurie.  She met us as we walked down Sawtelle Peak Road and let us slack pack the last few miles (she took our packs in her car and we skipped down the road feeling light and airy) to Sawtelle, Idaho. Poor Found was feeling sick (he had been for a while now) so we decided to stop at Sawtelle rather than hike another 2 miles further to Mack’s Inn. We dined at a restaurant my dad would have loved: I sat behind a huge poster of Regan and the menu featured “freedom fries” and “W Ketchup.”  Kombucha, Hawkeye, Rock Steady & Joker were at Mack’s Inn too and the 11 of us soon demolished the clean and orderly hotel rooms that Trail Angel Laurie had reserved for us.  The next day we left in staggered starts… Heaps and DnA still had 20 miles to do by the time we left the post office at Mack’s Inn at 1:30pm.  Still, we found time for a dip in Lucky Dog creek, a chat with NoBo Sage and a vista of the most fiery sunset of the trail yet. A bunch of us were doing the “one food challenge” where we only subsisted on one food item for the 38 mile section between Mack’s Inn & Old Faithful. Hawkeye had picked peanut m&ms, Heaps poptarts, Joker Pringles and I had chosen Chex Mix.  Everyone fared fine except for Kombucha who was rather traumatized after 24 hours on only Carnation Instant Breakfast.