just one more hit… of fries

I’ve gotten some comments on the irony of my post on overweight children followed by an encouragement to devour free ice cream… but really I don’t think they’re contradictory, since moderation is the key. Banning certain foods altogether can just make one feel deprived and more likely to binge. But then again… when what your eating affects your brain chemistry in a way similar to cocaine it might be time to quit cold turkey.

Sound unbelievable? Well, as David Kessler reports in his book: The End of Overeating, many in the food and restaurant industry process and engineer their food to be insatiable in a way that’s only slightly less alluring than hard drugs (at least in rats!).  Reading this book made me giddy with glee that I don’t eat out much, because the bottom line is that food served in restaurants usually boils down to layers of fat on sugar on salt on fat on sugar….  Ever wonder why it’s so hard to get the nutrition info on foods when you go out to eat? That’s because even the salads are loaded with hyper-palatable combos of fat, sugar and salt that can actually change your brain and get you addicted.

Kessler likens some in the food industry today to the tobacco industry of the past. Many global food companies are employing scientist to create insatiable food combinations…. that in the end can prove deadly.  Government regulations have a role to play but changing public perception is key. And to change public perception consumers need to know what they’re REALLY eating… where the ingredients are from, what the ingredients are, the nutritional information, the preparation methods, etc. And nothing let’s you know they’ve got something to hide like the fact the food industry is fighting so hard to keep you clueless about what you’re consuming.

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