Warming wisdom from across the pond

Last night we got a dusting of snow and this morning school was delayed 2 hrs. I went on a run through the glittering woods, following the footprints of deer, foxes, rabbits and raccoons… but no other humans. Our backyard rocks.

Early on the roads and sidewalks were plowed and salted. However, when we were in England recently, it snowed a similar amount but didn’t melt much or get plowed. Weeks later there was still a slippery mixture of ice and snow on sidewalks.  So the Brits may not be masters of snow removal, but they do have a lot to teach us about staying warm.

May I present to you 3 of their simple yet magical techniques:

1. The electric kettle. This little baby is crucial and widely available. Most can boil water in about 5 minutes and lift off their base for ease of use. But heck, we’re happy using a $10 hot pot I bought 11 years ago for uni.  And, no, I’m not suggesting you pour boiling water on yourself to warm up, but the electric kettle will greatly assist step 2 & 3.

2. Tea. Ok, so I know Americans drink tea, but when it’s cold out, we could learn a lot from the Brits about the RITUAL that is tea. They drink 5 cups a day.  But, really, fill yourself up with hot liquids – tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup – for an instant warming effect. Just don’t burn your tongue!

3. The hot water bottle. About $10 and you’ve got a warm body to cuddle all night long. Seriously, mine are still warm in the morning! But no hot bottie is complete without the proper attire. Check out http://www.etsy.com for a great selection of cute sweaters for your hot water bottle, like this one from A Crooked Sixpence from… yep, you guessed it, the UK.

Seriously.  Try these out – you’ll be hooked and hott!