A Birthday, Clue, Evensong, et al

So, we’ve been really enjoying our first few weeks of our DTS. It’s really remarkable how well living with 8 other people is going! Our house is awesome, albeit drafty.

The lectures have also been good. Last week Olu from Sierra Leone came to speak to us about the Holy Spirit. He was a great teacher who spoke of his own experience and the Word and didn’t have an ax to grind. It was quite refreshing and insightful.

We were also pleased to have Phil, Keir and Sameer come up to York to celebrate Dan’s 25th birthday the first weekend in Feb. We spent the weekend exploring the city and went to a cool Granadan cafe & Cuban bar. And all 5 of us managed to kip down in our room!

Dan got a huge tin of candy from our housemates for his birthday and was on a continual sugar high until they were stolen. Dan’s full of conspiracy theories about it being linked to the game of Assassins we’re playing (kind of like a living game of Clue).

This weekend the birthday celebrations continued with a visit from Dee & Pietro and Matt & Pete. We went to Evensong at the Minster, ate at a funky Japanese place and an Italian place where the Pizzo’s enjoyed conversing in Italian with the cooks.

Meanwhile, the couple with the baby who were hoping to do the course with us, won’t be able to come, unfortunately, since their baby needs continued care from a medical specialist in the States. And please keep me in your prayers since I’m currently in the process of renewing my visa.