8/6 – Zero day in Dubois!  There are a few things you need to know about Dubois:
1) It’s pronounced Dee-boyz.
2) It’s the home of the Jackalope

Rolling Thunder and the Jackalope

3) By the afternoon when Stretch & Found arrived there were a baker’s dozen thru-hikers in town (also Kombucha, Hawkeye, Joker, Rock Steady, RT, Heaps, DnA, Lost, Mike with a Y, Rambler/Tok) … and for much of the time we were all gathered in one room!  Thankfully there was also a pool and (lukewarm) hot tub.
Rock Steady and Trail Food!

The next section was going to be a long one – 160 miles, including some alternate routes and bushwacks – so that meant lots of food and HEAVY packs.  But it was bound to be worth it…. coming up was the Wind River Range!

Dan’s pain in the butt

8/5 – This is the rock that kicked Dan’s butt. Yes, Dan had a hearty fall onto a pointy rock while attempting to walk across a fallen tree to stay dry for a river crossing. When he fell he wasn’t yet over the water, thankfully, but he did land on a rock and the pain was bad enough to send him into shock. He writhed in pain/huddled in the fetal position for a good 45 minutes (during which time NoBos Jack and the Beanstalk, Sarong and Chief Hua Hua came along… goodness what an akward introduction).  But thank God, in the end he was ok and able to walk (crossing through the stream on wet ground rather than log).  Nonetheless, his fall gave us some prudence when considering whether to attempt to cross the narrow gorge about 30 feet deep formed by the Buffalo River… this picture doesn’t capture it but, goodness was Buffalo Falls a phenomena!  Churning white and turquoise waters rushed through the narrow slice of black cliff. Heaps has a tattoo on his feet that says, “Gravity does not grant me the privilege of failure” and it certainly applied when considering a jump across the gorge.


Later that day we arrived at Brooks Lake Lodge, a gorgeous old log-cabin style lodge, where the lovely Naomi (Mike with a Y’s wife) met us to be a true Trail Angel (again!) and give us a ride into Dubois, Wyoming.