Oh happy day!

“We want our children to live in an America that isn’t burdened by debt, that isn’t weakened by inequality, that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet.” – President Obama

And Michelle is rockin’ too.

Also all the 2012 election maps and stats from The Washington Post. here.

Del Fest(ivities)

After enormous amounts of deliberation and desperate scrambling to find transportation and dog-sitter, everything fell together and Friday morning we headed off with our friend Ben to Cumberland, Maryland for Del Fest. Del Fest is a bluegrass festival that bluegrass legend Del McCoury started 5 years ago. With bluegrass, I expected more red necks but the crowd was actually very hippie. Lots of tie-dye, long skirts, scruffy beards and plenty of funky tattoos.

Weather-wise we faced intense heat and humidity and a number of crazy booming thunder and lightning storms, but we floating down the Potomac River kept us cool and our Hubba Hubba tent kept us dry.

It was an awesome time of relaxing, listening to inspiring music, people watching (especially fire dancers and hulu hoopers), hanging out with friends and getting a taste of “the trail life” on a town day. Wow, I could really do with a slower pace of life!  I also enjoyed 2+ hours of free yoga each day and finally did a pretty decent head stand (but in tripod position w/help from my hands).

Some of the music highlights for me were Luther Dickson and the Wandering, Birds of Chicago (Allison Russell is my new girl-crush and I think J.T. Nero should inspire Dan to try a funky bun), Emmitt- Nershi Band (Billy!!), Della Mae and the Yonder Mountains String Band. And Steve Martin is pretty dang good on the banjo – and his cheesy humor comes out in his music too! We also camped w/two guys from the band “Herb and Hanson” and enjoyed some pickin’ sessions with them.

J.T. Nero and Allison Russell of Birds of Chicago

In the meantime, we’ve signed up for the Watermelon Park Fest in September and will have to try make it to more festivals and camping excursions this summer. Ahh… must fight business of DC area! Thankfully the pool has opened up… it’s not the river but it is relaxing!

Watermelon Park Fest 2012