Autumnal Reminiscence II

The rest of Autumn flew by. Another great trip to WV with work friends (on 11/11/11); met loads of amazing people at a MAPS camping weekend (two of whom we’d randomly met in Berkeley Springs the week before) though the “Tanning Hides with the Animals’ Brains” workshop was less then appetizing; and a quick trip up to NYC and Connecticut Thanksgiving weekend.


NYC was overwhelming (Occupy was small but inspiring). Connecticut with our friends Maggie and Jonny was epic Рincredible Bridgeport loft complete with shuffle board, pumpkin ice cream, Lebanese feasting, farmer Jacqueline, running the trails of Redding and a Bluegrass and Collards party (kale chips with ginger recommended!).

Health-wise, Dan recovered from his foot injury in time to have his pancreatitis flare up again (it was bad enough he spent the night in hospital). His pancreatitis improved, but he’ll have to watch his diet from now on. Meanwhile, the doctors are still trying to sort out exactly what’s wrong with Dan’s insides…thankfully he’s avoided a colonoscopy thus far!

It has been a crazy 7 months… I don’t think either of us ever imagined we’d still be dealing with the repercussions of Dan’s kidney failure 6 months later… But friends and family sustained us. And, now, after a crazy time at work (distributing over 1,500 gifts to low-income kids) we are on holiday!

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I like being out in the sunshine, dancing, baking, exploring abandoned houses, dark chocolate, traveling, being green, thrift store shopping, backpacking, gardening, reading memoirs, hammocks and fantastic friends.

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