taking the mick

In the end, we were told FIVE times that if such-and-such improved, Dan would be released from the hospital “tomorrow.” But “tomorrow” finally came on June 15, when Dan was able to walk out of the hospital a free man, after 11 days of agony.

It was only then, the morning the doctor signed his discharge papers, that the doctor told us in his thick Russian accent just how close Dan had come to dying. I for one am glad I didn’t know… I went though enough emotional agony in my naiveté.

But now things were looking up. Dan’s kidneys were functioning around 15% and he probably wouldn’t need any more dialysis treatments.

Dan was elated to be home… everything was experienced with joy and appreciation, like a little kid in a candy shop, jangling coins in his pocket and on a total sugar high. We even went on a bike ride for 10 minutes, Dan pedaling ever so slowly I’m amazed he didn’t topple over.

However, our joyous day ended abruptly as we got ready for bed. Suddenly, Dan began to cough and cough, while having chest pain and shortness of breath. Of course, considering what we’d been through, I immediately thought the worst – he was experiencing pulmonary edema or congestive heart failure. It didn’t help that Dan describe the feeling as, “my lungs filling up with fluid.”

So despite our absolute devastation at the thought of returning the the hopsital less than 6 hours since Dan had been released, we headed to the Emergency Room.

Thankfully….. we had a short wait and it turned out to just be bronchitus. By 3 am we were back home and in our BED for the first time in over a week.

Dead tired.  Sleep was sublime.

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