Biking with Buddy

[Back in mid-March..] Buddy was curious at the contraption we were building…

At first he seemed to enjoy sitting in his “chariot” as I pulled him on my bike…

…but he started crying like a baby as we got on the W&OD bike path headed for Purcellville. We gave him a bone and cooed to him but to no avail. Plus it was hard to balance on the bike since he was moving around and making the one-wheel bob trailer wobble all over the place. This was not going to work for a 60 mile bike ride. Either he’d jump out and get run over by a hard-core cyclist or we’d get arrested by the RSPCA. So we took a detour to mis padres, said hasta luego to the perro and headed off once more.

A few days later, after recovering from a bruised bottom from our bike trip, we discovered an alternative method to biking with Buddy:

Yep! Our darling dog fits in Dan’s messenger bag! He loved the ride and so did all the cars D&B biked by.

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