Yes, I’m aware we’re now in the month of December… but I’m behind on blogging.

STEP ONE – camp out in condo while painting every centimeter of wall, molding and ceiling. Goodbye roaring lion greeting me as I step out of the shower.  Goodbye ghoulish green + vampire burgundy dining room combo. I don’t like Twilight that much. (Ok, actually I’ve never seen it, but still…)

STEP TWO – land a job teaching special ed preschool in less than 2 weeks.  Adorable kids + great colleagues + summers off = horrid pay I can cope with.

STEP THREE – score free stuff on Craig’s List to piece together furniture.

Please keep in mind I'm a neat freak!


STEP FOUR – Move in stuff that’s been in storage for 3 years. Live out of boxes, enduring chaos where keys, wallet and sanity are lost (but then found again).  Stinkbugs everywhere. Eww!


STEP FIVE – become the owners of this little fellow named Buddy.

STEP SIX – Enjoy a posh evening away here in the countryside with friends.

Happy B-day P!

1 thought on “november

  1. I am laughing while I read this. I KNOW you are as OCD as I am in keeping things tidy. I’m sure the house will come together soon!

    That lion was ridiculous!

    PS Can’t wait to see you tonight!

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