10/19 – We set off with Hawkeye and Kombucha and Mike on a “rainbow route” (Yas continued on the Gila River route).  It was great chatting and walking with H&K since we hadn’t hiked with them in ages and it would be our last opportunity to hike with them since they were getting off trail for a few days to go to a friend’s wedding.   That afternoon we randomly ran into Wrong Way in his jeep.  It was a great reunion.  That evening we were in for a treat, when Trail Angel Pete picked us up from the Miembres Ranger Station and hosted us at his lovely home.  The journey there, flying along steep, winding dirt roads in his truck, was like being in a driving video game but we all made it!  Pete moved to New Mexico a few years ago because of health problems and to be closer to his good friend Julie who runs a little store in San Lorenzo.  It was great chatting with Pete as we ate the most flavorful little green apple from a tree in his front yard. Yum!  New Mexico rocks – there’s Trail Angels in almost every town!

The next morning we had muy rico burritos at the store, resupplied, said goodbye to Hawkeye & Kombucha  😦  and then it was back to the trail.

2 thoughts on “Miembres

  1. Dear Anna,
    Jack’s (Found’s) Mom has been following your posts. Jack and Lost are finishing tomorrow and I imagine you and Dan will finish soon too.
    It has been a pleasure to follow your journey. It is an incredible feat, you two and all CDT hikers merit respect honor and a giant celebration.
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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