Pie Town!

10/11 – We arrived at magic-filled Pie Town just in town for lunch at the Pie-O-Neer Cafe. Magical baker Kathy whipped up the most flaky, moist, gorgeous pies… apple crumble, strawberry-rubarb, chocolate cream pie. Wow!  We also re-united with Yas, the Japanese hiker we hadn’t seen since Wyoming, along with Wrong Way, a hiker who’d just finished his second hike of the CDT. Mike and his parents arrived minutes later.

After lots of pie we headed to the Toaster House, a free hiker/biker hostel in town. The Toaster house is a gift from Trail Angel Nita, the first permanent Trail Angel we met on the CDT!  Nita is a true treasure, having hosted hikers for over 25 years.  She was born in Hawaii but has called Pie Town home for decades now.

Anna, Nita & Dan

It was wonderful hanging out in the cozy log cabin, complete with wood-burning stove, a chicken coop out back and food in the fridge!  We took a lazy Zero Day… catching up with friends, reading the fabulous Utne Reader, and hearing about the crazy 60 mile day Kombucha and Hawkeye completed in the wee hours of the morn.  Kiwi hiker Heeps also arrived on the 12th.  It was a relaxing day off, because in Pie Town there’s not much to do but sit around and eat pie. And that suited us just fine!

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