Tarantulas and Taylor


A tarantula we saw!


10/4 – 10/7 – The section from Cuba to Grants was a mix pinon, ponderosa pine & sagebrush parks, and naked terra cotta rocks, snaking along cactis to cairns and walking on dead flat jeep roads. There were moments when the scenery was fascinating and moments when we were crazy-bored and just “plugged-in” listening to music or podcasts. Mike introduced us to “This American Life” and “The Moth” and now we’re totally hooked.  Plus we can have mini discussion sessions after we’ve all listened to the same podcast.

We got a bit of rain, and one wicked thunderstorm, but overall the weather was fine. Water was very limited but thanks to DP & Wing It, who’d sent a water report, we knew what springs, creeks and faucets were reliable.

Even though we were sad to discover the ghost town of Cabezon was no longer accessible, the sunrise we saw around Cerro Cabezon was mesmorizing.

And this water didn’t actually taste so bad!

Don’t worry we didn’t actually drink this!  We’re not eager to have a giardia take two!

We hit our high point for New Mexico at the summit of Taylor Mountain.  On the way down we gratefully quenched our thirst at a cache set up by locals Hugo & Carol.   That afternoon we arrived in Grants. Thankfully we didn’t have to hitch hike, the trail walks right into town. It would have been a hard hitch because we walk right by a prison:

The sign reads: “Please do not pick up hitchhikers in this area.”


2 thoughts on “Tarantulas and Taylor

  1. I am glad you’ve found This American Life and The Moth! I love both. Once you have listened your way through all of them, you really must check out RadioLab:

    Its seriously the most fascinating radio show. It’s like This American Life meets science. Here is one show you MUST listen to now:

    Its so good!! Let me know what you think of it.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

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