10/3 – Walking into Cuba there were many signs we were no longer in Colorado. The town is barely surviving, with many restaurants and business closed down. I guess with a name like “Cuba” it’s a wonder it survived the Cold War at all. But now even Freelove Grocery had closed down. I guess even love isn’t free these days.

They do have a fabulous Mexican restaurant called El Bruno, that’s a bit of a non sequitur. We went out to lunch there with Mike’s parents, Beth and Phil, who had come out to see him and explore the “Land of Enchantment.”  They’re a charming couple from Portland and we had a lovely lunch with them. Afterwards they kindly let us use their laptop but the WiFi at the hotel wasn’t working so we went to the local McDonalds to use the internet. That place was pumping!  And, huddled amongst the throngs, under the golden arches we purchased plane tickets back home!  Eeek! We’ve got one-way tickets from El Paso to DC for October 29th!

Storms were brewing as we left that evening but they blew past us, even leaving us with a rainbow. The skys were dry but unfortunately a number of the towns folk weren’t… In addition to a slew of drunk locals hanging outside the supermarket, a drunk driver was being arrested right as we began our road-walk at sunset. Not the most comforting occurrence, but thankfully we survived the drivers, 3 yapping chihuahuas and a stop by the local police.

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