Traveling trail and road

10/1 – Amazingly Dan was feeling much better the next morning. We chatted with Team Food Challenge who had just arrived, then DnA & Myke headed off.
The trail took us along the Chama River, a milky lamb green torrent that made the perfect swimming spot on such a hot day. Later we entered the Chama River Canyon Wilderness and criss-crossed tiny Ojiotos creek amongst shaded oak before switchbacking up to the top of Mesa Camino. A massive storm was brewing behind us but we pushed on towards blue sky and didn’t experience a drop of rain!
10/2 – The next day we switchbacked down red and purple rock to walk on lovely new trail in the Santa Fe National Forest and San Pedro Parks Wilderness. Since the beginning of New Mexico we were excited to hear about all the new trail that was being built.  This meant we wouldn’t have to walk on roads (dirt or paved). Unfortunately much of the time we didn’t take the new trails because:
 a) we didn’t have confirmation the trail was actually complete and didn’t want to walk sevearal miles only to discover the trail stopped in the middle of nowhere
b) we didn’t have the new route on our map and new navigation even with maps can be tricky on the CDT! 
c) the new trail bypassed important water sources or resupply options (like the new trail that avoids Ghost Ranch)
d) the new trail was much longer than the dirt road options – let’s face it, we’ve walked over 2,000 miles now and are getting lazy now!
Anyhow, hopefully future CDT hikers will have lots of lovely trail throughout New Mexico!
One highlight of the new trail after you cross Highway 96 is seeing this awesome car:

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