Ghost Ranch & Giardia


9/30 – Ghost Ranch  is an amazing education and retreat center in the area where Georgia O’Keefe lived for almost 40 years. Striking rock formations, like Chimney Rock and La Pedernal, are visible from the tree-lined campus that features some charming old adobe cottages. They even have the actual steer skull that O’Keefe painted. It’s a big tourist attraction and also offers a massive range of classes – from silversmithing to basket weaving to spirituality to archeology. There’s a museum there displaying the dinosaur bones and ancient pottery they found on the site. However, there was no medical care available to poor Dan.
But, thankfully, we were able to get a ride into the health clinic in Abiquiu where Dan got seen by a fabulous doctor (who diagnosed him with giardia) and got antibiotics… all for just $17.50 thanks to a sliding scale payment plan!  We had an interesting slew of hitches back to the ranch (back of a truck crowded with construction gear, friendly Latino man cradling a 40 oz beer…) but we made it!  We knew all the artsy, yuppy tourists who were actually headed to Ghost Ranch would never dream of picking up dirty hitch hikers like us!

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