San Juans: Southside

9/23 – 9/26 – Despite the weather forecast that it was snowing at Wolf Creek Pass, we hitched out of town to find that the weather was, in fact, sunny if a bit breezy.  We took a lovely “rainbow route” courtesy of Dan and lunched overlooking peaks that had been sprinkled with a touch of powdered sugar. The South San Juans were a treat – ridge walking and impressive peaks – but much gentlier than their northern brothers.  Unfortunately Myke wasn’t feeling well… but once again Dan had a plan!

He devised an alternate that would take us on two trails and (supposedly) save us a few miles so that we could make it into Chama, New Mexico the evening of the 25th. Unfortuantely 1 of those trails no longer existed and the other had been re-routed and the new route was neither on our maps or GPS.  But, despite this so-called “short-cut” we made it to Cumbres pass before dusk. It felt like a bit of a cheat because we hadn’t hiked into New Mexico yet (border was about 4 miles away) but in order to resupply we would have to hitchhike into NM. It was quite the contrast from Colorado, but we liked it!

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