Pagosa Springs

9/21 – 9/22 –

In the morning hours as we walked 8 miles to Wolf Creek Pass we heard loads of bugling elks and howling coyotes. Sadly none were seen, but we got a hitch into town with a professional storyteller! And he even told us a story – a wonderful story, I must say.  Pagosa Springs is a cute little town (though a bit spread out) whose main attraction is several hot springs. We stayed at the Pinewood Inn, where the owners were super friendly, and kept returning again and again for more baked delights from Pagosa Baking Company. We got all our chores done, which including resupplying at “Everyday Food Market” which was a small convenience store. The selection was pitiful – just donuts, candybars, beer and chips. If you ate that food everyday you’d end up with diabetes by age 10! But the supermarket had relocated to about 6 miles out of town. 

The next morning we awoke to rain…. and a forecast of heavy rain all day. Thankfully we were snug as a bug in the hotel and it didn’t take much to convince us to take a ZERO day and hit the trail tomorrow.  Unanticipated Zero Days are always the best because you can just relax. Boy was that the right decision. Team Food Challenge rolled in that afternoon and they were shivering even after their hot showers.  They and all their gear had gotten utterly soaked.  It could have gotten really ugly if they hadn’t been close to town. But the next day they were back on track and ready for more food challenges (read more here on RT’s journal), and DnA and Myke were ready to hit the trail once more.


2 thoughts on “Pagosa Springs

  1. Anna and Dan —
    Checked your blog to see how you are doing, and was surprised to find out that you were in Pagosa Springs at the bakery the same day we were! We were driving home to Spokane from a visit with my wife Katy’s sister outside Durango on September 21 and stopped in that bakery at about 10:30AM. Probably just missed you! We used to live in Durango and we know how special the San Juans are. Your trip sounds incredible and we are a bit envious of your gumption to walk thru the mountains for months and months! Enjoy New Mexico!
    All the best from Steve and Katy

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