The Great Divide Basin

8/17 – 8/19  – The Great Divide Basin in highs & lows:


  • Seeing tons of wild pronghorn antelope & wild horses
  •  Sunsets with every colour of the rainbow (except maybe green)
  • Meeting Tom (red jeep guy) again! More beer!
  • Listening to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on my ipod


  • Never-ending roads
  • Never-changing scenery
  • Blisters
  • Nasty water that tasted like dirt
  • Heat with no shade

But the good news is, we made it!   It wasn’t actually that bad, but I think I’d had enough after 2 days. Dan had had enough after 2 minutes. On 8/20 we walked right into Rawlings, Wyoming, home of:  an all-you-can-eat Thai buffet, the Mennonite Discount Grocery & Bakery; and the restaunt with the best bacon avacado sandwich ever…. in 2004, unfortunately it had now changed ownership. Still, it was a good ner-o.

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