8/21 That morning in Rawlins we were hoping to get an early start since more road-walking in sagebrush desert awaited us. However, the rest of our group had other plans….. mainly to stuff themseleves silly. They consummed huge jalepeno and cheese bread sandwiches, before eating massive meals at a local Mexican joint, then a dozen donuts and just when I thought we were leaving…. oh, wait, there’s a Mexican bakery that does tacos.  At last, we came to our senses and realized it would be another few hours before they’d be able to move at all, much less walk many miles with heavy packs, so we wished them “hasta luego” and set off through the run down streets of Rawlins and off on Hwy 70.  By 8/22 and after 45 miles of road walking, we were overjoyed to be back on trail, even if it turned out to be though a massive marsh the next day (8/23). In the afternoon we met Starman, who was section-hiking the CDT. He’s been hiking almost every summer since 2000, when he thru-hiked the PCT.  We enjoyed chatting with him and having an additional pair of eyes look out for the cairns and posts that formed our “trail.” It was more of a guided bushwack than a trail, but usually we could spot our next target. We camped out under the full moon that made the lake below us glow like alabastar.

 And FINALLY on August 24th we entered Colorado!

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