The Winds: Trailicious

8/10 – We anticipated it only taking us a few hours TOPS to follow Pixley Creek cross-country back to the actually trail along the Green River. However we spent until noon that day scrambling/rock climbing/boulder hopping/down-climbing waterfalls. When we first got low enough to see grass and wildflowers it was thrilling. The precious Indian Paintbrush, Aster and Alpine Arnica had never smelled so sweet. Then we were filled with a similar joy at the sight of our first tree….. until we were having to push our way through tree branches and climb over downfallen logs. When we finally reached the trail Dan & Heaps just sat there, soaking up the joy of a pleasant dirt path for us to follow…. the gorgeous scenery continued with Vista Pass & Shannon Pass… alpine meadows brimming with wildflowers and dotted with granite rocks, numerous lakes and streams reflecting the intense blue sky and NO mosquitos! That was a true blessing!

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