8/6 – Zero day in Dubois!  There are a few things you need to know about Dubois:
1) It’s pronounced Dee-boyz.
2) It’s the home of the Jackalope

Rolling Thunder and the Jackalope

3) By the afternoon when Stretch & Found arrived there were a baker’s dozen thru-hikers in town (also Kombucha, Hawkeye, Joker, Rock Steady, RT, Heaps, DnA, Lost, Mike with a Y, Rambler/Tok) … and for much of the time we were all gathered in one room!  Thankfully there was also a pool and (lukewarm) hot tub.
Rock Steady and Trail Food!

The next section was going to be a long one – 160 miles, including some alternate routes and bushwacks – so that meant lots of food and HEAVY packs.  But it was bound to be worth it…. coming up was the Wind River Range!

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