Parting of the Waters

8/3 – We sadly said our goodbyes to Laurie and set off with Lost, Rolling Thunder & Heaps…. we followed the Snake River, leaving Yellowstone on 8/4 to enter the Briger-Teton National Forest. Sadly the CDT doesn’t pass through Grand Teton National Park, but we did get a stunning view of the Teton’s jagged rock teeth gnashing skyward from a high plateau.


We then descended to the parting of the waters… where Two Oceans Creek where the creek splits on the Continental Divide: the east fork travelling some 3,000 miles to the Atlantic Ocean and the west fork travelling some 1,000 miles to the Pacific Ocean. We lunched on the little “island” right at the split and sampled both the Pacific and Atlantic-bound waters. Then, before heading off Dan devised a complex game of Poohsticks (with ever-changing rules) where we each dropped sticks into the creek prior to the split and whoever’s stick made it to the Atlantic fork first won…. RT’s stick got stuck, I lost track of mine (it was fast!) and in the end we judged the Heap’s had (probably) won.  Good times!


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