7/29 We said our goodbyes to Montana and 7/30 bid adieu to Idaho as well. 7/31 we entered Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park which was swarming with people from all over the world. We underwent a bit of culture shock to be surrounded by so many people enjoying the “great outdoors” via their cars and RVs. But considering the size of Yellowstone, we were happy to become car-traveling tourists ourselves the next day. The CDT only spends 4 days in Yellowstone and misses many of the great sights, but in Lost’s mom Laurie’s rental car we were able to do the Grand Loop of Yellowstone in a single day. We heard the stunning roar of Yellowstone Falls, marveled at the strange and colourful thermal wonders and oohhed over the the mighty herds of bison.

To conclude the day with had a pizza party to celebrate Hawkeye’s birthday. They night before Dan had made a “cake” from donettes (a kind of plastic covered cardboard that is supposed to be a little donut. Hawkeye loves junk food like that!) and we’d watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Eleven of us – Lost, Trail Angel Laurie, Hawkeye, Kombucha, Joker, Rock Steady, Heaps, Mike with a Y, Rolling Thunder and DnA – had been enjoying a deluxe condo  in Sawtelle for 2 nights thanks to Laurie!  It was a wonderful way to celebrate a new state and having walked about 1,000 miles!

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