The Junkyard

7/26 – Before we arrived in Lima on the 26th we saw the glimmering metal of the Monida junkyard from afar. It was a treasure chest for sure and I was ecstatic to discover that Heaps, a 6’7″ cool & quirky Kiwi we’d been hiking with, also enjoyed junk exploration. We explored the most phenomenal school bus that had been converted into a camper van, complete with kitchen, bathroom and decorated with wood paneling and home-made patchwork curtains.  The bus also had bags upon bags of vintage clothes, which were in surprisingly good condition.  And Clay, the friendly owner of the junkyard and one of six residents of Monida, was happy to sell us some.

Dan & Heaps

We had a very relaxing Zero day in Lima (pronounced like the bean, not the Peruvian capital). It’s a tiny town so there’s not much to do but just relax.  Heeps & I also got to work sewing pockets, Dan and some others added their worn out running shoes to the “shoe tree” and the carnivores amongst us enjoyed the Peat’s cafe where you can grill your own steak. Back on the trail on 7/27 we walked through the US “experimental sheep farm,” met some friendly trail workers, enjoyed a stunning sunset below Taylor mountain after a vicious thunder and lighting storm, chatted with enthusiastic NoBo Ice Ax and were reunited with Mike with a Y and Rolling Thunder in time for a loooong bushwack along Hell Roaring Creek (a pretty and pathetic little bubbling brook).

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