Joker Attack

7/13 –  Joker gets attacked by a mountain. Perhaps the Anaconda mountains aren’t too different from their namesake town after all….

Not enough time to tell the whole story but check out the damage:

Nevertheless Joker survived and thrived and looked more hard-core than ever.

7/14 – We entered Idaho for the first time!  But we couldn’t say good-bye to Montana yet. The Continential Divide forms both our trail and the southern Idaho/Montana border so until we arrive in Wyoming we’ll be constantly going back and forth between the two states.

DnA, Rock Steady, Joker, Kombucha & Hawkeye

After a stealth-camp at Lost Trail Pass we hitched south into Salmon, Idaho for a ZERO day on July 15th. There we discovered a true gem – the Odd Fellows Bakery where they bake artisan bread and amazing baked goodies (cibatta, three cheese bread with arugula, muffins, scones and cookies galore) in a brick oven + have dreamy fair trade coffee + location in awesome old rowhouse.  They even have challenges where you can win free bread……. this week’s was climb a mountain a build a snowman.  So here we are:

Can we have more of that heavenly bread now???


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