June 28th – After 8 miles over rolling hills (in intense wind) all nine of us were able to hitch rides into town from Roger’s Pass in less than 20 minutes! Four in a car and the remaining five in the back of a pick-up truck. We headed to Lincoln a little town that is perfect for hikers – small, compact, cheap and friendly. We ate at the Montanan where the food was served on a enormous serving platters, then shared a half gallon of ice cream. When you come to town you have various chores to do – shower, do laundry, go on the internet, figure out logistics for the next stretch of your journey, replace gear, go to the post office, but the primary concern is FOOD. Eating large quantities of real food–not instant, light-weight dehydrated, non-perishable food–but heavy bulky delicious food you can’t pack on the trail.  Then you also need to buy more food for your next stretch on the trail.  Food & water are the heaviest thing you carry and so you try to not go more than 6 days between resupplying somewhere.  In town we also met up with The Noodleheads, Joker and Coyote and our large room at the Sportsmen Inn became thru-hiking central as we sorted out our gear, food and supplies, ate and swapped stories and Candyman and a few others attempted the saltine challenge.


One thought on “Lincoln

  1. Hey DnA. We can picture your stop at Lincoln and so glad it is perfect for hikers. We can see you tucking into great food, esp the ice cream. What is the ‘saltine challenge’? Keep going well you special people, and remember that we love you and are with you all the way…………

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