Summer Solistice

It continued to be rainy and miserable on the first day of summer – June 21st – and we had a trudge through viewless forests and lots of mud, entering the Lewis & Clark National Forest at Marias Pass. The Summer Solstice is traditionally Naked Hiker Day but with all the rain we didn’t expect to see any bare skin. For a while Yas was in the front, then me, then Dan, Tim & Nina. At one point I slid in the mud and fell.  I was fine and back on my feet in minutes and Yas, turning back giggled. I was a bit surprised that he was laughing at my fall but took no offense. However, Yas continued to turn around periodically and giggle. “I haven’t fallen down!” I wanted to say, “there’s no need to laugh.” After about 30 minutes of this I finally turned my head to see Tim buck naked, holding a corn lily leaf, hiking along the trail. Apparently the whole time Yas had been laughing at Tim, not my fall…. But DnA hadn’t noticed Tim’s summer spirit for a good half hour!


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