Pitamakin Pass of Glory

6/19 –  The weather took a turn for the best, and as a result we were rewarded with one of our best days in the mountains.  Lots of snow, lots of kicking steps, but boy, what a difference when the sun is high in the sky warming your back and turning your arms rosy! This day will remain etched in our memories. Pictures don’t do it justice but here they will do more than words:

Sometimes you just have to face the mountains naked (with yer gaiters on) to fully take them in!


3 thoughts on “Pitamakin Pass of Glory

  1. full moon again! love it! great to see you guys out in the wild again! where you belong! hope you’re both having an amazing time! 🙂

  2. Wow, guys! looks amazing! (except for one skinny white behind, put it away, danny!)
    I don’t know when you might see this, but I have a job interview in Canterbury on thursday 1st July…think of me as you raise your eyes to the mountains and send me some peaceful vibes please. Have an awesome time, stay safe, be good and if you can’t be good, be careful!
    Love you loads xxx

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