Triple Divide Pass Whiteout

6/18 – We awoke to a cloudy but dry day.  We crossed our fingers, packed up our tent and vowed to stick together as we gained altitude on our way to Triple Divide Pass.  The pass boasts a three way split of water ways- one to the Hudson, the next to the Atlantic and the last to the Pacific.  As we huffed up hill we had mountain goats showing off their effortless climbing capabilities on the mountains surrounding us.  They never ceased to suprise us with their impossible purches on cliffed rocky slopes.  The snow started to gust as we neared the pass, but luckily we all pulled out some good technical skills from our woolly hats and started cutting in to the snowpack.  In turn the weather trumped us  with a total whiteout at the top.  We answered back with technological skills this time (GPS) to locate the trail, and off we went down over the other edge.  The next comeback from the weather gods was avalanches… but not to worry they were all on the slopes adjacent to us.  We had our final say with careful and slowly calculated stepckicking traverses across ten or so, avalanche prone ice shoots.  One at a time from “safe zone” to “safe zone” inbetween the shoots and a glissade or two later we were safely in camp and the Mountains rewarded us with  sunshine and a close up encounter with a moose buck- with his head in the clouds he came to his regular pond to munch on the delectable pond weed, once a few feet away he noticed we were there too munching on our dried goodies, he looked up (a little miffed) and off he went.  Perfect.

3 thoughts on “Triple Divide Pass Whiteout

  1. Wonderful! You are giving us such a vivid picture of your adventures! Keep them coming if you can. We are thinking of you, news or no news tho’. Bear hugs, DnP

  2. How exciting! I love your blogs and pictures. I am living through you. I would love to support (from the comfort of my couch) any way I can. Take Care

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