lost in the city

Last week we had a fantastic visit with Rob, Dan’s old friend from Uni. He’s Dr. Rob now, actually, and has been living the dream… working in Australia and traveling for the year.  Estoy super celosa!  You’d be too if you saw his pics! Unfortunately I couldn’t convince him to hire me as a translator for their upcoming 3 month jaunt round South America…  Real life is cruel.

But we did enjoy some good times in Washington, DC! Tramping around the snowy mall, eating the yummiest chocolate peanut-butter cupcake from Hello Cupcake, enjoying free beer at Midtown, a tour of the Phillips Collection, enjoying the grandeur of Georgetown and the ferocious Great Falls.  It definitely made me wish were living in the city… here in Reston practically everything shuts at 9pm!

Speaking of DC, book club this month featured Edward P. Jones collection of short stories Lost in the City which feature the lives of African Americans living in DC during earlier eras. The stories all feature real DC addresses and are a fascinating peak into the city’s rich history.  All the stories carry a slight feeling of melancholy.  What I found most difficult about the stories was that they were short! Each of them left me wanting more…  so I was delighted to discover that Jone’s second collection of short stories, All Aunt Hagar’s Children, all connect to his first work.

But, as a lover of memoirs, I must say the most fascinating stories are always true…. Check out this Washington Post article about Edward P. Jones own life  here.

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