s’no more!

Well, Snowmaggedon didn’t beat Knickerbocker storm-for-storm, but the combined snowfall for the DC area of this 2009-2010 winter has broken the previous record set way back in 1898-1899!  Yes, that’s right, we’ve gotten 54.9 inches of snow this winter. For more talk of the DC area weather check out the Capital Weather Gang Blog.

The area has been filled with happy students who got more than a week off school (although by now I’m sure they’re just restless – I sure am!). I’ve given up my gelaterista job to pursue teaching more, so I’ve had a week off work too. The bad thing is as a substitute, no work means no pay.  But I can’t complain seeing as we have a warm, dry place to live. Dan’s just begun his job at a local homeless shelter that has been packed to the brim with those who aren’t nearly as fortunate.

And, hopefully, we’ve now seen the last of this season’s wintry mix!

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