In Defense of Food

Dan and I both just finished this book – In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. It was one of those books that captured much of what I’d already been thinking about food, eating and life in general for years. But much of the research and evidence he provides go far beyond merely suggesting yet another fad diet.  Reading this book has helped solidify my new obsession:  providing an alternative to the the Western lifestyle and mindset.

I have so many thoughts swirling around about this book. One of the fascinating things Pollan says is that fine white flour was the original fast food.  And that food is more than the sum of its nutrient parts.

But first:

a) Read In Defense of Food for yourself

b) Join me in investigating more on the subject (I hope to Jonathan Safran Foer & Wendell Barry’s view on the subject pronto).

c) Ask yourself, “What is food?” and “What is eating?” They may seem like stupid questions, until you realize the revolution that’s occurred in recent times regarding these basic and fundamental aspects of daily life.

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